Los Angeles Lakers' Pau Gasol injured with a plantar fascia tear to right foot!
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Pop is not the sound you want to hear while shooting hoops!  We all take our feet for granted until we hear that dreadful sound.  Once that pop occurs you will be on the ground asking “why didn’t I take care of my foot pain earlier”!  Most foot pain (plantar fasciitis) is felt months before a serious accident like a tear can occur.   

The Los Angeles Lakers learned the hard way about a plantar fascia tear when power Forward Pau Gasol heard a pop in last week’s game against the Brooklyn Nets!  Unfortunately this is not the first bout of foot pain for Gasol.   The forward’s foot pain became persistent a few months ago which kept him on the bench more than on the court for the beginning of this season.  The planter fascia, the ligament that runs along the bottom of the foot from the heel to the base of the toes, has been inflamed for quite some time.  Rest would have been the optimal diagnosis to allow the inflamed ligament to heal but that is not always the answer for NBA Basketball players!  Gasol commented after the Lakers vs. Nets game; “I tweaked my fascia in the first half, so I was dealing with quite a bit of soreness in the second half.” Shortly after that game an MRI confirmed that he does in fact have a torn plantar fascia in his right foot. 

Gasol is anxious to return to the court to help the Lakers make it to the Playoffs but first he must pass a physical exam by his Physicians.  The injury can keep him out for several weeks through the rest of the season if Physicians feel surgery is necessary.  “I’m hoping to recover asap so I can be back with the team and keep fighting until the end of the season.” Gasol tweeted!

The best treatment for plantar fasciitis is icing, anti-inflammatories, and stretching.  Refer to our heel stretches on our Doctors Favorite page to help combat foot pain.   Also check out basketball injuries and plantar fasciitis information on our Common Complaints Page.