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June 06, 2013
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Dr. Oz recommends wearing Orthaheel flip flops in the summer.

What Conditions Benefit With Orthaheel Sandals

Heel Pain-  By wearing orthotic shoe inserts or shoes for sore heels, plantar fasciitis, etc., you can align your feet and improve body posture. Extra arch support and realignment of the lower leg to its natural angle reduces the pulling and strain on the plantar fascia. This can take away a common cause of heel pain. Orthaheel technology is shown to help reduce over-pronation and associated conditions.  

Flat Feet-You may be in need of insoles for flat feet if the inside of your arch touches the floor when standing. Orthaheel technology can help relieve the aches and pains by restoring the foot’s natural alignment, enabling the feet to function properly. When the arch is supported in such a way, the result is relief from the ground up – encouraging the ankles, legs, hips, etc. to function as they are intended. If you’re wondering whether or not Orthaheel footwear can help you, the answer is: wearing a supportive shoe is an important precaution to take in order to preserve the health of your foot, whether or not you currently suffer from fallen arches, heel pain, or other foot issues. 

Knee Pain-Athletes often experience knee and hip pain caused by abnormal friction and rubbing of the iliotibial band muscle over the knee and hip joints. You might feel severe pain that comes on gradually on the outside knee joint. Or sometimes you feel it on the outside hip. Orthotics can control the internal rotation of the shinbone (tibia) and the rotation on the knee and hip joint through use of inbuilt rearfoot wedging. This reduces stretching (tractional) and frictional forces on the iliotibial band muscle. Stretching this muscle is also helpful.